Reference areas of various services by 14-03-2024

  • Inventory and valuation in Germany
approx. 33.680 ha
  • Management concepts in Germany
approx. 5.000 ha
  • Inventory and valuation in USA
approx. 32.813 ha
  • Management concepts in USA
approx. 4.907 ha
  • Valuation in Rumania
approx. 3.800 ha
  • Advisory on acquisition and disposition in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, USA and Uruguay
approx. 21.981 ha
  • Management concepts in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
approx. 8.380 ha
  • Management concepts in Argentinia, Uruguay and NewZealand
approx. 12.805 ha
  • Management and technical service in Germany
approx. 700 ha
  • Management and technical service in USA
approx. 4.102 ha
  • permanent consulting in Germany
approx. 5.500 ha
  • permanent consulting in USA
approx. 6.349 ha
  • Evaluation of hunting issues in Germany
approx. 4.200 ha


Since these reference volumes are exclusively in private forests and due to discretion the names of the clients will be revealed only on request.